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Translating annual reports can be a long, costly process ... if you don't do it right. We figured out how to give the customer the best translation in the shortest time frame for the lowest price with PerfectMatch.

A Swedish-German fashion label rewrote his name. Children use the moniker in call-and-response games of tag. Bow Wow invokes him in a kitschy rap.

Nothing reveals the value of a partnership like a crisis. So how can wordinc support you if you experience a PR nightmare? Find out in this case study.

We will spare you the suspense and give you the answer upfront. What they share in common is one word: Kehrwieder (pronounced “care-veeder”). Hamburg’s Miniatur Wunderland museum is not only home to the world’s largest model railway system, but is also the city’s most popular tourist attraction, and can be found at the street address Kehrwieder on Kehrwieder island. (Yes, Hamburg has islands.)


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