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Outstanding quality based on personal consultation

In our industry, quality depends on us understanding what the customer wants. The only way we can develop this understanding is by carefully listening to our customers and providing good, honest advice tailored to their specific needs.

wordinc has developed a set of values to help us achieve this aim.

The wordinc feel-good factor

At wordinc, we want our customers to feel comfortable working with us, because this feel-good factor is key to developing a trusting, long-term partnership. This is something very important to us. The better we understand our customers’ requirements, the better the results. Working with our customers should also be fun – this, we believe, is another critical factor to success.

Open, personal, confidential and honest

We believe it’s important to communicate openly with our customers on all aspects of a project, from pricing to setting feasible delivery times. This ensures that work is completed as efficiently as possible. Ultimately, we are only happy with our work if the customer is satisfied with the results.

Many things can be discussed in advance – even difficult topics – to ensure that the relationship with our customers remains open and honest. We attach great importance to the confidential treatment of concerns, data and files, and we strictly adhere to legal requirements in this regard.

We also treat our external providers with respect, paying them promptly and affording them optimum working conditions; we believe this is paramount to maintaining top quality.

Doing our utmost

Meeting our high quality standards is not always easy, but we always do our utmost to satisfy these ideals. We believe that long partnerships and open communication produce better results in the long run.

And even if something does go wrong, we discuss it straightaway, working with the customer to find the right solution.

Last but not least, the wordinc team.

Our team also exemplifies the wordinc values. In fact, we worked together as a team to develop these values, which means that we are all committed to them. Respect and trust – both internally and externally – are hugely important to us. We aim to demonstrate strong communication skills, initiative and professional expertise. We also champion a solution-oriented, open approach. But all this would be impossible without teamwork. We value teamwork highly, because working together motivates us and helps us to embody our values each and every day.

That’s wordinc!


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