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Consulting, wordinc

Consulting, wordinc

The realm of translation management is becoming increasingly complex: programs are constantly evolving, new file formats are emerging and a short time to market is becoming more and more important. Professional translation management is therefore essential.

Does your work involve translation and documentation and are you thinking about implementing a translation service within your company?

Do you wish to optimise processes in your existing language services?

Are you searching for the right translation tools?

wordinc can advise and support you from your initial idea to its final implementation and beyond. Whether you wish to improve project management and workflows within your existing language services or use translation technologies more efficiently, we offer a range of consulting services tailored to your needs.

We specialise in the following areas:

Translation technologies

  • Advice on selecting translation technologies
  • Development of strategies for implementing translation technologies into your business model
  • Development of workflows that integrate these technologies with your external service providers

Translation and project management

  • Development, standardisation and optimisation of translation and project management
  • Definition of stakeholders’ rights and roles
  • Definition of cross-divisional, cross-company collaboration and development of best practice in process and workflow management

Quality assurance

  • Definition of quality objectives
  • Development of quality assurance measures

Terminology management

  • Development and maintenance of translation memories, glossaries and terminology lists
  • Term extraction
  • Standardisation of company-wide terminology
  • Migration of translation memories
  • Incorporation of previous translations

Supplier management

  • Make-or-buy decisions
  • Selection and evaluation of suppliers
  • Development of key indicator systems for objectively evaluating suppliers

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