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Terminology management

Every company has its own unique language with its own specialist vocabulary: it shapes the company’s identity and projects it to the outside world. It is therefore crucial that this language is used consistently across all media channels – and in foreign-language translations, too.

Variant spellings of the same word can lead to misunderstandings and confusion. Inconsistent usage could even put your company at risk: it could lead to the incorrect use of complex machinery, for example, or leave your customers bewildered by incomprehensible texts. In the worst case scenario, it could result in a customer deciding against your product or service.

Inconsistent terminology can also lead to high follow-up costs. Each error in terminology in the source language is multiplied by the number of target languages, occasionally causing major problems.

Professional terminology management is therefore crucial, as is consistent use of terminology throughout the entire product and service process. We will help you to use consistent terminology in your products, manuals, marketing documents and websites.

Consistent terminology and professional management processes:

Consistent terminology and professional terminology management processes

  • reduce your direct and indirect translation costs and enable you to reuse previous translations
  • reduce follow-up work and thereby shorten lead times
  • create a more consistent brand presence in all your target markets

Terminology management and corporate language

wordinc specialises in the following aspects of terminology management and corporate language; we:

  • systematically analyse your existing processes
  • develop processes and best practices
  • establish consistent terminology by extracting terminology from your corpus, creating multilingual terminology lists, producing glossaries, and compiling and standardising acronyms, abbreviations and specialist vocabulary.
  • manage and maintain company-specific and specialist terminology
  • examine and evaluate previous translations and existing termbases
  • develop guidelines and processes for writing translation-friendly source texts

Our terminology management service perfectly complements our translation services.

We would be delighted to prepare a customised package for you. Contact us for a non-binding quotation.



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