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With a global network of translators and other professionals, we can translate your texts into any business language. Your work is doubly secure in the hands of translators who have not only honed their craft with years of experience, but who translate exclusively into their native language – never into their second language.

Be it a press release, user manual or contract, we translate your text quickly, professionally and accurately.

Just send it to us, and we’ll take care of the rest. We offer different delivery schedules so that we can always meet your deadline. In addition to our standard service, you can also take advantage of our speedy 24-hour service and – when you’re really pressed for time – our express service. But no matter how quickly you need your text, you will enjoy a consistently high-end product. After all, quality is our top priority.

The four-eye principle is standard for our translations, but we can also translate according to the two-eye principle or six-eye principle. Just tell us what you have in mind, and we will find the right solution for you.



Professional. Reliable. Personal.

Give us a call and we’d be happy to advise you. We think you’ll quickly find that you’ve come to the right place.

After receiving your document, we will immediately prepare a quote so you don't lose time.

A quick tip: the more reference material you provide us with – such as previously translated and approved texts, glossaries, etc. – the quicker and better we can adopt your established style and terminology.


Be the next to benefit from our services.

We have always enjoyed a highly professional, yet open and friendly cooperation with wordinc. The Philips team at wordinc is dedicated to meeting our needs; they take deadlines seriously and the translations are always to our utmost satisfaction. Simply put: they’re the best!


M. C., Marketing, Philips Switzerland

We are an agency for efficient communication solutions. We take a strategic approach and use intelligent systems to streamline processes and reduce complexity. wordinc has been by our side as a professional and fair partner for all of our translation needs. Always available. Always ready with a quick and custom solution. Even when time is tight, they are ready to help with a smile.


A. V., Account Manager, Serviceplan Solutions

Reliable, professional, goal-driven. When we need translations in the field of financial communication, we go with wordinc. We appreciate the high quality and fast turnover, and working with them is simply a pleasure.


A. G., Corporate Language Director, Berichtsmanufaktur GmbH


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