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Would you like to receive your translation in a print-ready format? No problem!

Have you ever typeset Arabic or Chinese? Where do the line breaks go and where exactly do the sentences end? What typographical modifications are required and when should a page break be inserted?

Our graphic designers can adapt your translation in every format. We have the software needed to typeset every language, whether Asian, European, Arabic or Hebrew.

We mostly work on Macs or PCs with Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe PageMaker and QuarkXPress; however, our range of services covers more than just these classic DTP applications. Our expertise also encompasses complex PowerPoint presentations and Word documents, and we have other major DTP applications at our disposal, too.

Talk to us and save yourself the extra cost of hiring a graphic designer or advertising agency. In addition, your texts will be proofread by a native speaker and, if you wish, we can deliver completed high-resolution files for the pre-press stage (e.g. PDF, EPS). Should you not have the open file to hand, or if you wish to reproduce a PDF, our graphic designers will be happy to help.

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