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We translate out of and into every business language.

Even the more unusual language combinations are no problem for us thanks to our huge network of translators: our in-house translators and more than 1,500 freelancers enable us to offer you a wide array of language combinations. To find out more, enquire about the languages you need – no matter how exotic they may seem.

A translation is only ever as good as its translator. That’s why wordinc places great emphasis on fostering strong partnerships with our freelancers and on promoting their professional development. Our translators live in the target country and know what makes a high-quality translation. They are native speakers of the language they translate into and have several years of experience in their specialist areas. To ensure they’re up to the task, we regularly evaluate the quality of their work.

wordinc can offer you support in all business languages across a very wide range of subject areas.
Here’s an overview of our major languages:

The more unusual the language combination and subject area is, the greater the challenge. Contact us today for a customised quotation or expert advice.



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