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It is vital that multinational companies adapt their IT products and services for each of their target markets because, ultimately, customers want to purchase products that they identify with. Due to increasing globalisation and the rapid growth of the internet, customers now expect applications and programs to look and feel “local”.

A good rule of thumb is that the more authentic the product, the more customer acceptance it will enjoy and the greater the sales potential will be.

Language is pivotal and software localisation is key to achieving lasting success in foreign markets. You’ll gain a considerable advantage if you adapt your software products to the linguistic, cultural and technical requirements of your target audience. Every mistake and every delay means that your product will take longer to reach the market, causing you to miss out on sales potential and possibly even lose out to the competition entirely.

Don’t put your reputation on the line with poor translations – profit from our expertise instead.

Software localisation involves a lot more than just translating. For us, it also involves:

  • Observing country-specific norms (time and date formats, units of measurement, currencies, etc.)
  • Using terminology consistently: have menus, error messages, online help, etc., been translated consistently?
  • Adapting shortcuts to the target market
  • Checking the length of texts
  • Checking that icons, symbols, colours, etc., are effective in the target market

In the field of software localisation, wordinc specialises in the localisation of:

  • Software applications
  • Web applications
  • Mobile applications (apps)
  • Websites
  • E-commerce sites
  • Content management systems
  • User interfaces
  • Text fields
  • And much more!

Our services in the field of software localisation include:

  • Complete localisation of your software application
  • Software localisation of resource files (e.g. NET, PHP, program files)
  • Software localisation of support files (e.g. RTF, HTML, XML)
  • Localisation of string tables (e.g. Excel tables and CSV files)
  • Performance of installation tests and visual and functional testing

We also offer software localisation in combination with our other services, such as creating and maintaining multilingual glossaries and translating your software-related operation manuals. We can also support you in developing international communication strategies and much more.

Benefits for you:

  • A central contact partner for the entire software localisation process
  • wordinc recruits, coordinates and supervises the individual specialist translators
  • Standardised processes guarantee top quality and punctual delivery
  • State-of-the-art translation technology ensures low follow-up costs and shorter
    times to market for text updates

We would be delighted to put together a service package for you. This is best discussed in person. Contact us to receive information with no obligation.


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