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For a good translation you need more than just a brilliant general translator, you also need an expert in the field: someone who knows the specific terminology of the source text. wordinc has a global network of native translation specialists who are qualified experts in their specialist field.

Therefore, when it comes to technical handbooks, for example, our translators know to make the operating instructions easy to understand while still keeping to terminology guidelines.

Marketing texts not only have to be correctly rendered into the foreign language, they must correctly communicate the message of the text in the target country.

And a legal text has to use the typical legal language of the target country and cannot leave any room for speculation.

wordinc translates from and into all major business languages, mainly in the following fields:

Economics and finance

We can translate your ad hoc and annual reports, quarterly results, sustainability reports and much more.


Your call for proposals, operating instructions, safety data sheets, catalogues and product documentations are in the right hands with us. The same goes for computer applications, websites and user interfaces. We can also localise your software upon request.


Entrust us with your legal texts, be they official documents, certificates or expert reports. We specialise just as much in contracts and general terms and conditions, too. We are also able to authenticate your translation.


We have the right wording for your press releases, presentations, POS material, slogans, brochures and advertising texts.

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